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Introducing the MONSTER RGBW from Infinite Offroad!  Compact Size - MASSIVE Output


How does Infinite Offroad produce so much light from such a small package? The patented magnetic mounting system from LUX Lighting Systems moves heat from the LED's into the mounting surface where the heat is dissipated - Keeping our lights nice and cool, the size small,  and our output unmatched. 

Of course the LUX patented magnetic mounting system makes installation a breeze! No screwing, gluing or taping required. Just place on a flat metal surface and it is on! With a new custom cast N45H neodymium magnet the MONSTER RGBW from Infinite Offroad features the largest and highest strength magnet we have ever put on a rock light. 

This new magnet is triple coated for unbeatable protection! First a nickel coating for hardness and strength, then copper for improved heat transfer, then epoxy for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. Just another example of how we continually look to improve our products..... not make them cheaper.

This high-power, professional-grade kit is fully plug-and-play and integrates with our 35+ RGB+W accessories. Backed by our 25yr you break it we replace it UN-Voidable Warranty!

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LUX - Official Licensed Product

RGB+W - Compatible Items

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