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Our wheel rings are manufactured with high quality frames & heavy duty encased RGB+W high output LED strips.  They also now include double the LED's than our previous versoin and most competitors.  These install by bolting to the dust shield mounted on the brake caliper of your car, truck, SUV or Jeep.  (Not designed for UTV's or 4 Wheelers).


Our products are covered by the best warranty in the business. 25 yr if you can break it we replace it warranty (includes accidental damage).  Our all new RGB+W wheel rings were the first plug and play RGB+W wheel rings on the market which can be added to your rock light kit by simply plugging it into the controller.  Makes installation a breeze and saves cost on a separate controller.  Our plug and play kit includes a screw style waterproof connectors and control boxes, no cheap connections that don't stay together or break.


Our all new RGB+W Bluetooth & RF Controller allows dual control from a bluetooth app or a back up handheld remote.  Controller also includes brake override option which will turn the kit on and to red if it is wired to your positive brake wire.  


2 Sizes/Types:

1 - 15" Outside LED strip (Recommended for 20" & smaller wheels)

2 - 17" Outside & Inside LED strip (Recommended for 22" & larger wheel)

2 Options To Control:

1 - Add to 5 pin system: No Controller

This option allows you to plug in your wheel rings directly into your current RGB+W rock light kit and run them both off one controller.  The wheel rings cannot be controlled independently.  

2 - Include Dedicated Controller: w/ Option to link to rock controller.

This option allows you to run a secondary controller and control the wheel rings independtly by them selves as a stand alone system or link the controller with the rock light controller and control them together. 

*If you are not running our RGB+W rock lights you will need to choose this option as a controller is required to power and change the colors.*









(RGB+W) LED Wheel Rings Set

$220.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
  • Requires phone to use BT control via LED BLE app.  Also includes extra RF remote, remote does not require line of sight it is paired with the controller. 

    BLUETOOTH APP CONNECTION: Download app “LED BLE” in the app store with the icon below and open the app.

    • DO NOT connect to the device in your phone settings menu 
    • Inside the app in the top left of the screen touch the connection menu (three horizontal lines at top left).  Your controller should show up under that menu. Click to connect if it doesn’t automatically connect.
    • Once connected you can adjust/create colors and patterns as well as turn on and off, the controller should retain the last used setting when powered off then back on.
    • If the app will not connect but the remote works delete the app, pull fuse for 1 minute then re install the app.

    RF HANDHELD REMOTE PAIR: To pair the remote if connection lost, remote should come paired when received:

    • Hold green power button.
    • Remove fuse from controller for 5 seconds, place back in.
    • Continue to hold green power button for 3 seconds
    • If pairing is successful lights should blink 3 times.

    Lock RF Remote to controller:  Pull fuse, insert then with in 3 second press the up brightness and then down brightness button.

    BRAKE OVER RIDE: Connect blue wire to brake power wire, this will come on even if the lights are turned off, we suggest placing on its own switch to only activate when you want it to.

    *Additional instuctions can be found in the product images under this item*

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