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  • If your having an issue with a rock or whip and it does not light up or is not the correct color:

    • Unplug the main splitter, plug one light directly into the control box with out anything else plugged into the system.

    • If the light works correctly the controller is good, start plugging everything back in one section or wire at a time until the kit malfunctions.

  • If your having an issue with your rock lights not turning on:

    • Check fuse.

    • Is led on the hand held remote remote lighting up?  If not then the remote is bad.

    • Unplug the main splitter, plug one light directly into the box to rule out a bad splitter.

    • If your lights turn on then back off when you cycle power to the controller make sure to turn on with remote or app, this is normal start up sequence if the last command the remote received was off.


  • If your having an issue connecting to the bluetooth:

    • Pull fuse for 1 minute, while pulled reboot the phone.  

    • Ensure your connecting in the app, do not connect in your phone settings, if you do repeat the above step.

    • Ensure your using the correct app. 

      • RGBW Rock light / Whip BLACK REMOTE: BLEDIM

      • RGBW Rock light / Whip WHITE REMOTE: LED BLE

      • RGBW Rock light / Whip MULTIZONE: LEDSHOW


      • Double Helix Whips WHITE REMOTE / ROUND TUBE CONTROLLER: Not Bluetooth


  • Please fill out the warranty form correctly and fully.  Failure to properly fill out the form will result in a delay in getting your replacement parts sent out.  

  • The information requested below is required to correctly process the claim, do not guess if your not sure of an answer you can contact us.  For example if your enter the # of pins on your product ensure it is correct do not guess, incorrect entry may result in you getting the wrong product.  

  • If entering your address make sure to enter the full address including city, state and zip.

  • Please use the email address you regularly use and check, we may have a question.  If you don't hear from us in a week check your junk mail.   

If you need a warranty processed by a certain time period for a even or ride please text 615-785-1244 with the name your claim was submitted under and when you need it to arrive, we will do our best to expedite and get it there in time.

Upload Image Of Issue (REQUIRED)

Thank you form submitted!

Second hand product, used product, found product, product on a vehicle that was purchased used, etc.. is not covered.  If you have a broken item that you obtained 2nd hand contact us and we can offer replacement parts at discount. 


  • Only applies to INFINITE OFFROAD brand products.

  • Warranty is non transferrable. 

  • Only applicable to the original purchaser or giftee of new product.  

  • Must be purchased from Infinite Offroad or authorized dealer.

  • Giftees must provide the original purchasers information.

  • We will do our best to replace the DEFECTIVE item, if the exact item is not available we will offer a newer VERSION if available.  If a newer version is not available we will offer a refund of affected item at full list price.

  • We may be contacted to troubleshoot to identify the required replacement part, once the defective part is identified we will send the replacement out.

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