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We set industry standards by being the brightest, offering the best warranty, and providing unparalleled customization options.  Here are nine reasons why we are #1

  1. Unparalleled Brightness:  We ARE the brightest and prove it!  Our 12-watt light outshines competitors overstated 36-watt options.  Our 24 watt outshine competitors overstated 44w by over 40%.  Many stay they are the brightest, we PROVE we are the brightest.

  2. Industry-Leading Warranty:  25yr you break we replace it UN–VOIDABLE warranty.  No exceptions and zero cost to the customer, competitors embed hidden shipping costs or damage exclusions in their “lifetime” warranties.

  3. Revolutionizing Illumination:  Infinite Offroad set the benchmark by launching the world’s first RGB+W rock light with a pure white emitter in 2016.  We have continued to raise that mark ever since.

  4. No-Mess, Plug–N–Play Wiring:  Our kits, complete with short lead pods for front and extra extensions, minimize wire bundles and allow for full customization of wire lengths with 4 sizes of extensions.

  5. Quality Over Quantity of LEDs:  Our high–output, RGB+W LEDs provide more luminosity than lower-power competitors LEDs ensuring both brightness and efficiency.

  6. The Most Customizable Kits Available:  With over 35 types of plug–and–play LEDs, our RGB+W system provides unmatched options and accessories, enabling customers to add on and custom–build and add on to their kits.

  7. Superior Color Blending:  Each RGB+W LED features an optical magnification and blending dome, preventing the rainbow effects and separated colors often seen in competitors’ lower power separated LEDs.

  8. Power that Makes a Difference:  Our high output, 15amp/30amp controllers surpass competitors, ensuring bright and vibrant coloring throughout the system without the need for multiple boosters, even in large kits.

  9. Service Before & After the Sale: Unparalleled service that extends beyond the sale. We take pride in our service reputations in the market—just take a glance at our reviews. Via phone, text, Facebook, Instagram, and email, we ensure you’re supported during and outside of standard business hours.


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