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Ever fought getting an axle cup out?  No longer, meet the "EXTRACTOR" the toughtest and best designed slide hammer on the market.  


Professional Grade CV Cup Puller | Slide Hammer | Hardened 4140 Jaws

At the worst possible time CV shafts snap and you find that the cup has frozen into the transmission or differential.  Prying on the case of the differential is either unsuccessful for results in breaking the case causing another, even more expensive repair that ruins the day of riding.  This puller is robust enough to be used by professional shops, yet compact enough to take on the trail!  Easy clamping process with minimal tools required!  Made in America!


  • Hardened 4140 jaws
  • Adjustable from 2" ID cups to 4" ID Cups
  • Centered slide hammer design prevents side loading which makes extraction more difficult
  • Reduces chances of seal damage from straight line pulling
  • Black oxide coating for rust prevention

The Extractor | Axle Puller | Pro Grade CV Cup Puller | Slide Hammer


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