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Switch pros SP-9100 and RCR-Force 12 have tons of features and is the most compact and advanced power controller on the market.  RGB color panel to perfectly match your interior lights.    Compatible with iPhone and Android based Smart Phones, you can command your vehicle accessories with your smart phone or the 8 or 12 button touch panel. The 125 or 150 amp power module is built with Mosfet solid-state relays & protection, automotive components, and uses no mechanical relays or fuses. It is COMPLETELY SEALED, allowing you to mount it under the hood of your rig.  Incldues everything required for installation, plus the all-new RCR-Touch snap on bezel, which will help the driver select switches with precision even while traveling rough terrain or wearing gloves.   Each switch can be programmed individually with a variety of options below listed below.



Add on engine bay mount for Jeep JL/JT vehciles as well as mounting bracket for the interior of the vehicle to mount the switch pad.   Add on mount for $85



The standard communication cord is 11ft long, for some applications like UTV's this is far too long.  We now offer shorter com cables of your choice, add on short cable for $50



  • SP-9100: 125 Amp, 8 Switches 4 x 35A and 4 x 18A circuits
  • RCR-FORCE12: 150 Amp, 12 Switches 5 x 35A and 11 x 15A circuits
  • RGB Backlighting provides unlimited color options, using Color Picker on App
  • Two External trigger inputs can each activate up to four outputs (Active Hi or Active Low)
  • Lighting outputs can dim from 100% to 10%, with ability to dim during Flash or Strobe patterns
  • Sleep Mode for minimal power consumption
  • Color Coded circuit wires
  • 100 User-selectable switch legends
  • LED Input Status Indicators for easy troubleshooting
  • Time Delay Off function available for all circuits
  • Splash proof switch panel with Polycarbonate overlay faceplate
  • Program and control the system from switch panel pad or smart phone
  • Bluetooth interface with FREE Apple or Android App
  • Battery Voltage Readout on App screen
  • No Fuses or Bulky Relay box 
  • Built-In Bluetooth Module



  • Preset Dimming function WITH MEMORY (100% to 10% brightness)
  • Master Mode, with ability to turn multiple outputs On AND Off with one touch
  • Every Master Switch can control up to 4 other switch outputs
  • On-On-Off logic
  • Touch Panel lockout
  • On/Off or Momentary
  • Ignition or Battery Input
  • Flash or Strobe, with User-Selectable Strobe patterns and One Touch activation
  • Automatic Power-Up upon vehicle start up
  • Safety Lockout for specific switches
  • Time Delay off

(Switch Pros) SP-9100 8 / RCR-FORCE12 RGB Solid State Switch Panel

    • Switch Panel enclosure measures 4 L x 3 W x .375 H
    • Power Module measures 7L x 3.5W x .5H (excluding connectors)
    • RGB backlighting
    • Orange LED switch indicators
    • 6 Programmable LED Status indicators
    • 17 Outputs: 4 rated @ 35A, 1 rated @ 30A, 11 rated @15A, 1 Low Side rated @ 2A
    • 150A maximum rating
    • Waterproof and Solid State
    • Underhood rated 125 to -40C
    • LED Ignition Input Status Indicator

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