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The brightest, toughest and best value rock light kit on the market is also the industires first RGB+W rock light with a dedicated pure white emitter . Our products are also covered by the best warranty in the business, a 25 yr if you can break it we replace it warranty (includes accidental damage). Our all new RGB+W Bluetooth & RF Controller allows dual control from a bluetooth app or a back up handheld remote. Controller also includes brake override option which will turn the kit on and to red if it is wired to your positive brake wire. Our new Shadow Reaper 4-watt & 8-watt pod design incorporates 3 or 6 sets of high output 4 color RGB+W emitters under an optical blending and magnification lens producing the brightest output, richest colors and widest pattern of any rock light on the market. Competitors normally do not have a dedicated white emitter and only 1 LED per color or the colors are seperated. This makes a rainbow effect when producing white and other colors. Don't be fooled by other kits requiring 4-6 times more lights to match the output of our 4-piece kit. Our plug and play kit includes a fused control box and saves hours of splicing wires. An unbreakable machined ultra slim case and polycarbonate lens will stand up to anything you can throw at it. Side wire design eliminates the need for adapter pucks required by others and allows for a very low profile flush mount, it also allows use of 3m heavy duty or 3m VHB double sided tape (not provided) to mount and avoid drilling holes. Click to add plug/play synced RGB+W wheel rings to your kit. Click to add plug/play synced RGB whips to your kit. Click to add RGB+W dome light w/ built in switch to your kit. Click to add heavy duty 1ft, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft or 5ft RGB+W strips to your kit. Click here to order pods, dome lights, strips, brackets or extensions to your rock kit SPECS: -25YR WARRANTY (COVERS ANY ISSUE EVEN ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE) -BLUETOOTH APP w/ BACK UP RF REMOTE (NO LINE OF SIGHT REQ) -2X BRIGHTER & WIDER PATTERN vs COMPETITORS! -4-WATTS / 8-WATTS PER POD vs COMPETITORS 1-3 WATTS PER POD -12/24 EMITTERS PER POD (3/6 per color) vs COMPETITORS 3 PER POD -IP68 WATERPROOF LIGHTS vs COMPETITORS IP65 / UNSEALED -ULTRA THIN SIDE WIRE DESIGN vs BACK MOUNT & ADAPTER PUCK -MACHINED ALUMINUM BODY vs THEIR PLASTIC/COMPOSITE CASE -FULLY MODULAR ADD ON COMPONENTS vs COMPETITORS SET KITS -INTERNALLY SEALED CONTROLLER vs COMPETITORS UNSEALED -WATERTIGHT SCREW CONNECTORS vs COMPEITORS SNAP PIN -PLUG & PLAY HD STRIPS ADD ON RGBW STRIPS TO YOUR KIT -12FT LEAD ON EACH POD (PODS WITH NO LEAD w/ 5FT EXT AVAILABLE) -12V CONTROLLER

(BASE KIT) - RGB+W Color Change Rock Light Kit

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  • Bluetooth & RF Remote Control: 

    Requires phone to use BT control via LED BLE app.  Also includes extra RF remote, remote does not require line of sight it is paired with the controller.  Allows changing of lights patterns or static color through multiple options. Music control is done through the app.

    To pair secondary remote:  Pull fuse, press power button on remote and hold down.  While power is held down replace fuse back in to give the controller power.  If successfully paired the lights will blink 3 times. 


    To use brake override function:  Connect the blue wire on the control box to the positive brake wire.  We recommend an inline switch between the two to turn this function on or off or a switch to remove power from the control box all together.  The brake over ride will turn the kit on and red even if the kit is turned off but the controller has power.  

    *Additional instuctions can be found in the product images under this item*

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