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Conquer Rough Terrain

Drive with a purpose as you race your buddies through uncharted terrain. Navigate in your machine with little effort by adding Assault Industries Leather Steering Wheel to your machine. Its innovative design gives you a wider grip to exercise more steering control. Plus, it comes with a colored base plate of your choice that will make your cab look legendary.


Hefty Grip

You need a steering wheel that will assist you in maximizing control as you battle rough terrain and dodge the elements. This leather steering wheel has a diameter of 330 mm, giving you a wide grip, and is finished in black leather so your hands won't slip.


Rigid Design

Having a steering wheel that matches the fierce look of your cab is a must when you're suiting up for battle. This universal wheel is finished in black leather and has the Assault logo stitched in gray. And for added detail to your cab, you can choose from five different colored base plates to accent the middle top plate.



Steering Wheel / Hub (Hub required)

Steering Wheel / Hub / Switch Pro Mount
Steering Wheel / PRP Quick Release
Steering Wheel / PRP Quick Release / Switch Pro Mount



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