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Please allow 1-2 weeks to build.


We are now offering a counter top whip & rock light display.  Option to buy with or with out product encase you have product around or already have a display you want to convert into.  Will include 110w 12v power supply for running 12v controller.  


  • Display
  • 110v to 12v power supply
  • RGB+WController
  • 6w magnetic flat bracket & screw/nut
  • 6w short lead magnetic rock light
  • 8w short lead rock light
  • 12w short lead rock light
  • 24w short lead rock light
  • 6” strip
  • 2ft Whip 1"
  • 2ft Whip 1.5” THICK
  • 2 x 4 way splitter
  • 4 x 1ft ext
  • 2 x 2ft ext
  • 1 x 3ft ext
  • 6" & 12" Strip for inside



  • Above minus 6" & 12" strip for inside




  • Display
  • 110v to 12v power supply



Ships unassembled

We recommend placing on a timer or powering off at closing.  Should not be powered perminetly or in excess of 10 hours as it may cause overheating.  

Dealer Rock Light & Whip Counter Display


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