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Arachni Recovery Equipment Spidersilk kinetic recovery ropes allows the driver of the pulling rig to drive away from the stuck rig without fear of damaging either vehicle due to the harsh transfer of energy that normal ropes and straps inflict.  They provide a smooth transfer of energy helping to get a stuck vehicle unstuck much easier with less potential to damage vehicles. 


Spidersilk's dual layer braid made from a custom blend of Urethane, Kevlar and Dyneema yields a higher strength and extreme durability over traditional synthetic ropes.  The Spidersilk 12 strand core is stretched and compressed then a high density interwoven outer protective layer is added to increase abrasion resistance, durability and strength.


-3 Year Warranty

-Rated strenght - 45,000 lbs

-Length - 20 ft

-Diameter - 3/4"

-Kevlar and Dyneema blend
-12 strand spidersilk inner core with protective spidersilk outer layer
-Urethane coated for extra abrasion resistance
-Excellent dimensional stability
-High cut resistance

-High resistance to streching
-Flame resistant (self-extinguishing)

3/4" Synthetic Kinetic Recovery Rope - A.R.E. Arachni Recovery Equipment

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  • The fibers in Spidersilk consist of long molecular chains produced from Kevlar and Dyneema.  The chains are highly oriented with strong interchain bonding which result in a unique combination of properties perfect for strenght and durability.

    -Poly-paraphenylene Terephthalamide (Kevlar)

    -Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber (Dyneema)

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